Sunday, August 23, 2009

Welcome Daniel Cole Walker

We checked into the hospital on Sunday night - they did some weird stuff and the process began. They started the pitocin at 5:30am Monday morning, broke my water at 8:00am, I had an epidural by 10:30 (never claimed I was going to tough this out), was 5 cm at 12:30ish, and oops 10 cm an hour or so later. The nurse was shocked. She had me lay on my side for about 15 minutes because Cole had moved over to my right side. I told my sister-in-law to go get the nurse because I was pretty sure the baby was coming out. She laughed...I don't think she believed me. The nurse came in to check and she got on her phone immediately. I heard her say, "It is not an emergency, but I would hurry." There...I told you he was coming out. 3 sets of 3 pushes later...Daniel Cole Walker entered our world. If all deliveries were this easy, there would be way more pregnant people in the world. He was perfect. He didn't even have that weird alien shaped head. He was little for a Collett baby - 7 pounds 3 oz...thank God he was 2 weeks early.They let me hold him, but they were worried about his breathing - not too worried, just being cautious. They took him to the nursery and everyone left. I was there by myself. A nurse finally came in and I begged her to take me to Cole. Cole's bloodsugar test kept coming back low, so they decided to admit him to the NICU to start a sugar IV. What...are you freaking kidding me?Why is this happening. Although the nurses were never overly concerned about Cole, you still don't want your child going to the NICU. When we got to the NICU the nurse told me they were going to put an IV in his little hand to get the sugar to him. She said if they couldn't find a vein there, they would have to put it in his head. Please God, let her find a vein...and she did. Cole stayed in the NICU for 3 nights. They gradually lowered the sugar dosage and he maintained his levels. We still don't know why this happened, but it hasn't affected him at all. On Thursday night, we brought our beautiful baby boy home, in a carseat, not another stupid little box. From now on, my blog posts will be about our life with Cole. It is not that we have forgotten about Brynn, not at all. There is not a day I don't tell her how much I love her. There is not a day that I don't tell Cole about his big sister, his angel. In fact when he smiles in his sleep, I think they are playing together, laughing and being the best of friends.

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