Monday, August 24, 2009

Daddy Dan

Dan is such a giving person. He truly has a heart of gold, so when he was telling me he didn't think he would make a good Dad, convinced he would not make a good Dad...I kept hoping he was just scared. Dan is the type of person that will think, say, the worse case scenario, so when it isn't quite that bad, he is not disappointed. So of course that is what he did about having a child. I couldn't imagine Dan being "bad" at anything, let alone being a Dad. He is the guy that helps you fix your ceiling fan, install tile, show you how to work the tool you want to borrow. When I met Dan he was volunteering at the Humane Society, fixing things for the animals. He then decided to help with pet adoptions (the people that stand outside the pet stores). I decided to join him, 1. because it is a nice thing to do...2. because we had 3 dogs already and we didn't need another one and that heart of his was going to end up getting us another dog. Dan is a kid magnet too. Hallie and Connor, my niece and nephew, have loved him from the first day they met him. The kids in the neighborhood ask him to help them build skateboard ramps and fix bikes. He is "that guy". So why such concern about becoming a dad??? I think he just was scared he would disappoint me, and that would crush him. Let me tell you, Dan has not disappointed me one day since Cole has arrived. He helps me on the weekends by taking Cole out of our room when he wakes up at 6:30 on Saturday mornings so Mommy can sleep. Not only does he do all of the tedious jobs, like clean and make bottles for Cole every single night and take the poopy diapers outside, but he rocks him to sleep every night and he loves on that little boy more than I ever hoped he would, he could. Cole has started laughing outloud, like that good baby belly laugh and it just makes your heart melt. Dan was so excited when he laughed at him last night. He said, "That was the longest he has laughed for me." with such pride in his heart. Before Cole was born, Dan would say, "I don't want to just sit around staring at our kid all of the time." And of course I would say, "I do." The other day, as we were both laying on the bed next to Cole, staring at him, I had to laugh. I also said to Dan that he sure kisses on Cole a lot...and he told me that is because he is so kissable. Who would have thought it huh? People change, situations change...what becomes your life is better than you could imagine. My son could not ask for a better Daddy. I hope Dan knows that!!!

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