Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Family Friendly Car

So Dan and I have been having many "conversations" (my word for arguments) about him driving a more family friendly car. He has a Jeep, that doesn't have a hard top, and in my opinion...just mine...the jeep falls under the category of CASH FOR CLUNKERS. Well, that is going to make my wonderful hubby mad. After spending the summer, the hottest summer on record in a Jeep, Dan was ready to buy a new car. He came home and showed me a picture of a car he found online. I just glanced at it and when on attack...2 doors - Dan, come on, you are smarter than that. I kept explaining that if we were going to plunk down over $35,000 for a new car, it needed to have 4 doors. I tried explaining how difficult it is to get a carseat in/out of a 2 door car, and how difficult it was for people getting in/out of a 2 door car...he didn't understand and that just irratated me. We talked a lot about this. My husband is VERY smart, too smart sometimes. Looking back, I know that I should just let him figure these things out on his own, and not jump down his throat with my opinion, but hey, not really my style...I think I will work on that though. Dan saw the car that he was thinking about getting in the parking lot of Chuy's and held the carseat up next to it. He said, and I quote, "Boy, it would be really hard to get the carseat in and out of the back seat." Well duh... I said in my head. I told him, "Gosh I wish you would just realize that I am always right." He laughed. Well it would make things easier :) We went on a car looking trip 2 Saturdays ago and narrowed it down to two different cars. I was fine with either, if he was determined to get a car. I am an SUV lover, my husband is not. Dan took Friday off of work and we took Cole and his carseat to the two dealerships to test drive and test "fit" the cars. I am sure that if you knew Dan before Lisa, before Cole, you would never have thought that carseat fitting was on the final checklist...I think it is too funny. Dan fell in love with the Infiniti G37. I will admit, it is a sweet ride. My husband pulled the trigger and made the deal. I was so glad - sometimes he gets nervous and talks himself out of things. He bought a black on black "big poppa" car. It is getting detailed and the windows tinted as I type. He gets to pick it up today. He still keeps saying he wants the convertible version, but I keep telling him to let it go. We made a deal, as soon as Cole is out of any "seating" contraptions, he can get the convertible. Don't tell him that kids are in carseats and/or booster seats until their early elementary years...what he doesn't know doesn't hurt him.

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