Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Too HOT!

 Hatching the plan...I love the way Blake is watching him.
 He yelled, "Go, Go, Go"
 My turn...
 Blake is still enjoying the show.
 Love that girl!
 Having so much fun just watching her brother.
 He went and got more cars so they could "Race".
 Love that boy!
Big girl practicing sitting up.  She doesn't want to lay down at all!

Since it is too hot to go outside and play when we get home, Cole decided to get creative tonight.  He did the ramp and car/human "slide" on his own, however when I left the room to get the camera...he added Blake to his project.  She was in her Bumbo when I went to get the camera, but she was not sitting at the end of the cushion...I think she had some help getting there by her big brother.

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