Sunday, September 18, 2011

FIVE Months And Counting!!!

Our sweet Blake is 5 months old.  She might be the best baby ever...yes I know I am a bit bias, but she is really a sweet, very happy little girl.  I am sure she will pay us back in her teenage years!  Every once in a while her eyes look kind of bluish...but more and more they look green (maybe she will have green eyes like her mama).  She is still in 9 month clothes, but about to move into her 12 month clothes this week sometime.  She is still sleeping from 7pm to 5am (about 6/7 nights a week) I can't complain at all.  As long as she finds her thumb, she will soothe herself back to sleep in a few minutes.  She rolls to her tummy in the middle of the night and then "forgets" how to roll back over sometimes and gets frustrated.

Blake likes to:
Smile and giggle out loud constantly, talk and sing all of the time (she has a deeper "voice" so it is pretty funny),  roll all around the room and stick her little butt in the air like she is trying to crawl, eat cereal, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes so far, play with her toys, "drink" from her sippy cup, chew on everything including our fingers, jump in her jumpy and play in her saucer, watch her brother do everything, and always look to find her Mommy (she doesn't cry when other people hold her, she just looks to make sure I am in the room).

And she still loves BIG BOWS and now even FLUFFY FEATHERS!

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