Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Son...The Hoarder

Our night time routine goes like this:

I put Blake in her bed and turn on her animal mobile, which she loves, and then Cole and I go into his bedroom to read 2-3 books together sitting on his bottom trundle or in his beanbag.  I then put him in bed, but leave the light on, so he can read some more.  I go feed Blake her bottle and put her to bed.  Finally, I go back into Cole's room, shut the light off and cover him with his blankets for the night.  He is VERY into taking things to bed with him right doesn't cause any problems, so I let him.  Tonight was a bit extreme...he wanted to take 2 dogs, 2 books, Woody, Buzz, a dinosaur, and wear his shoes.  So guess what...he did.  I ran downstairs to get my camera (which I NEVER put away these days so Daddy can see the kids during the week) and took a picture.  Love my little hoarder.

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