Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Playscape and A Pickle

Cole wanted a pickle for snack...and he wanted to go outside to play - which we finally could because it was only 85 degrees - YIPPEE!  He actually wanted two pickles, one for each hand of course.  He ate one and then carried one around the entire time he played.  He never did eat it, but he would NOT let me take it from him...hence...a playscape and a pickle!

He likes swinging in the "baby" swing because Daddy can push him really high!

 That stupid pickle!
 I love this picture of pure fun!
 Cute boy...War wounds and all (scratches from something).
 Our neighbor sat down to talk to us through the fence and Cole had to copy him.
 Today he mastered the rockwall.
 He did it all by himself...
 and with a pickle in his hand!
 Can you spy the pickle :)
 He LOVES his playscape!
 We have to buckle her in because she will NOT lay back...she must sit at all times!
 Love her!
 Something always in her mouth.
 Daddy time...
 Mommy time!
 Markus asked me why Blake was staring at him.  I told him because she thought he was cute...he said, "Man, I'm only six"...made me laugh!
Drool monster...we need that first tooth to poke through soon!

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