Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dinosaur World

My parents took Cole and Blake to Dinosaur World in Glenn Rose (about 20 minutes from their house in Granbury) this past week.  When I got to the lake on Friday night, Cole talked a lot about dinosaurs...ending all of his talk with, "Dinosaur Park pweeeze!" So Dan and I took him to Dinosaur World for the second time in five days.  Dan and I couldn't keep up with him.  He ran from dinosaur to dinosaur telling me something about each one - BeBe, Mommy, Daddy Dinosaur, big teeth, hide, run, wow, this way...those were some of his favorite words from today.  It was a fun little adventure for a Saturday morning.

 He was this far ahead of us the entire time.
 Attempt #1 to get a picture with Cole.
 Of course...
 We don't know these people...Cole just pushed his way into their group...oops!

 Another attempt at getting a picture with Cole.
 "Dinosaur, here ya go"  He thought they would eat the rocks he found...

 Daddy's attempt at getting a picture with Cole.

Very worn out boy...who chose to buy that hat as his "prize" for being so good!

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