Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Wish For You

My wish for you, my sweet boy is to always smile like you have a secret or plan that nobody else knows about. My wish for you is to always feel loved by the people that surround you - your family, your friends, your very own children someday. My wish for you is to continue to learn throughout your entire life - NEVER stop learning from books, from experiences (the good and bad), from others.My wish for you is to have a person in your life that brings you complete joy like you do for me.

I will say this to you every single year, these exact words...Cole, YOU make us a better Mommy, a better Daddy, a better wife, a better husband, a better daughter, a better son, a better friend. All because YOU love US without conditions. YOU make US better!

You healed my broken heart when I doubted it would ever heal...You make me better than I ever could have imagined...I love you Daniel Cole Walker.

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