Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blake and Mommy's Favorite Gift (so far)...

Blake received a MamaRoo for Christmas, before she was even born. I like that it has a lot of different speeds and swings (kangaroo, car ride, etc). It is also small and doesn't take up a ton of space like the big swings, vibrating chairs, etc. So far, she likes it (in small doses) and Cole likes to put things in it, buckle it up, and turn it on. Over the weekend he put his SpongeBob stuffed animal in it and gave him a little ride...better than picking Blake up and putting her in it.
Look at the wavy, dark hair...and the baby fat rolls starting to form. She is just perfect (I know I am mom and I have to say that...but she is just perfect).


  1. I agree with the whole perfectness thing :)

  2. LOVE the MamaRoo, and they have AWESOME customer service. My base died, when I called them, It was less than 5 minutes, and they were getting a new one ready to send tome....NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!!