Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blake's Keeper

So far...Cole has been a sweet big brother. He is very protective of her. When other kids try to look at her, he yells, "Mine" and steps in between her and them. He comes and gets me saying, "BeBe cyin" - "Baby Crying", he pats her head, he kisses her all of the time, and even wipes her mouth if she has formula on her face or sneezes. Today he found his old Fish TV in the garage and brought it in to her to watch and this morning he wanted to help with her bath time. Now I am not saying there hasn't been a few moments...he has told her to "Moves" when she is laying on my chest and he has jumped up on the bed or couch and smashed her once or twice...but usually without intent. I know there will be moments of jealousy and frustration as they grow up together, but I sure do hope they always, no matter what, protect and love each other like they seem to do now.

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