Saturday, April 30, 2011

BOWLING, Party of Four!

All dressed up, waiting for Brother to wake up from his nap!
Disco Bowling! All we heard the entire time was "Dark, Red, Blue, Red, Blue (the lights flashing on the lanes).
This bowling is VERY hard work!
JUICE Break!
We had a table with some snacks on it - but Cole decided he needed his own space and went to the lanes next to us to eat his popcorn and drink his juice.
A little help from Dad!
We were next door and Blake's clothes were wet, so Tricia brought me some of Maddie's doll clothes (I forgot to bring extra clothes)...I couldn't resist this picture of Dan and my beautiful little, trashy girl with her belly hanging out and pants that were more like capris :)
We took Cole bowling for the first time today - Dan had a major workout chasing him and trying to help him bowl at the same time. The couple next to us kept telling us how cute and funny he was...and kept asking us if he ever slowed down (which the answer is NOOOO). We had a great time. For dinner we were invited to the neighbor's house for fajitas...we had even more fun. The kids played and we chatted. A good, good day for the Walker family of four!

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