Thursday, April 21, 2011

BMW - The only Beamer I Have Ever Wanted...

Well, she is finally here! I checked into the hospital to be "induced" on Monday morning and I was already 5cm - 100 % effaced. We waited until about 10:00 to start the actual pitocin. Once we started the meds and the nurse broke my water, it went by so fast. My contractions started immediately and were 2-3 minutes apart within a few minutes of them starting the meds. They went ahead and did my epidural because I was progressing so quickly... unfortunately, it did not work very well at first, so they came and added some more medicine...which then left me in a really bad state - they added too much! My blood pressure dropped to 67/21 at one point during delivery and they had to give me three shots of something to "bring me back", whatever that means. Dan said I passed out a couple of times. My parents were freaking out and I was only concerned about Blake...she was perfectly fine the entire time. Her heart rate never wavered. It took about 30 minutes of pushing for her to arrive, only because I was pretty much unconscious and couldn't stay awake long enough to push. Oh well, she is here, she is safe, and she is perfect. Now to get that whole day/night thing switched around.

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