Saturday, April 16, 2011

Blakelee Brunch

Not the best picture...but it makes me laugh - you can see Cole at the door trying to leave with me...still in his Buzz Lightyear Pajamas. 39 weeks pregnant..I had to take one pic of me with this big belly! So, so pretty!!!
Maddie changed into a new outfit during the brunch...loved how well it matched :)
My cul-de-sac crew had a Blakelee Brunch for me today...It was really sweet and really nice to get together with the neighborhood ladies - no hubbies. We had a lot of fun conversation. I love that I live in a neighborhood with wonderful people that help out when needed. Another great way to spend a Saturday morning - now to clean up the Daddy + Cole play time in the livingroom. An OK price to pay to have the time to spend relaxing with my friends.

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