Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Son...The Comedian

Cole constantly makes me laugh - sometimes on purpose...sometimes not. These are some things that made me laugh today: 1. I went to change Blake's diaper and this is what I came back to the living room to find...btw, that is my Diet Coke...why in the world would he steal a Diet Coke??? He would not look at me because he knew he should not have my drink. 2. He kept sneaking up on Blake (on the floor crawling) and kissing her. I think her face and his face say it all. I snapped this picture right after he kissed her fingers. Ignore that awful Eagles blanket...I was desperate.
3. I found him in my wallet, taking out all of the change and putting it in his dog bank.
4. He was pointing to Blake's body parts - eyes, nose, ears, mouth, teeth, belly, and decided to add bo-bo and then would fall on the floor laughing like he was the funniest person ever.
5. He dipped his toothbrush in the doggie water and preceded to brush his teeth before I could stop him.
6. He sat on my lap and combed his sissy's wild hair into a crazy mohawk type of creation.
7. He comes up to me and says, "moobie" and then gives me movie kisses which are long, noisy, juicy kisses.
I love this boy so much!

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