Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Toddler Time

So I know I am going to pay for this...but I had to take a picture first, before I made him get down. I left the room for a whole 30 seconds.
Action shot...throwing his train tracks. He thinks everything should be thrown right now.
When I was sitting on the couch watching him play, he decided to climb in the drawer.
Eating chicken tamales and peaches (in a bowl) with a spoon. Notice the hand in the bowl and the spoon in the other hand...we will keep practicing.
He figured out how to get the suction cup off of the tray and then he used the spoon :)
So it has taken me a while to realize that I do not have a baby anymore...I have a VERY active, very busy little boy. Dan and I have finished six weeks full of pure craziness and now are taking time to enjoy the little things, the little moments with Cole. It is really nice to not have any obligations, parties to throw, etc. I have about a week of work left for this school year and then about six weeks off. I have been planing my play dates with Cole. We have some library visits planned and we also joined Gymboree for a few months. I have a climber on my hands and I think, I hope he will enjoy the gym time. We are also going to go to the Children's Museum and whatever else we feel like doing...NO SCHEDULE!

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