Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bubble Boy

He started chasing the bubbles with his little golf club. Cole + club = DANGER! He then grabbed the bubble blower. Hmmmm.....
Like this right Mom?
Look right above the tip of the blower...he actually blew bubbles!
Cole and I went to our "free" Gymboree trial class today. He LOVED it! So we signed up for Saturday morning classes - 9:15am :) Actually, it is a good time for him to go - I am trying to move him to one long nap around 11:00ish - so a class that wears him out is perfect to help with that transition. I noticed a couple of things today: 1. My son TOWERS over kids his age and even kids months older than him. I am glad he is a big boy, but I never realized how big he truly is until he was standing next to a 16 month old today and he was at least a head taller than him. 2. My son has gone from taking a few steps, to full-blown running. He doesn't stop for a second when there are things to climb on, over and through. Other moms keep commenting on how "good" he is at climbing and running...I am sure he is getting all of that agility and balance from me - haha!
He loved the bubbles that his teacher blew during circle time, so I bought one of the little kits and we played with it in the living room tonight after $6.00 investment yet. Cole liked chasing all of the little bubbles, but he wanted to try it out himself. My sweet little bubble blower!

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