Monday, June 28, 2010


Water break with Mommy! Way more interested in the grass than the game.
Connor scoring goal #2!
He mostly plays sweeper because he is so good at protecting the goal, but every once in a while he plays forward. He scored two goals when he was moved up in game #1.
Shirt says it all.
Playing with Hallie in the shade.
Taking another break.
This past weekend we went to McKinney to see my brother's family, Skip, Tiffany, Connor, and Hallie. Connor's soccer team was having a golf tournament in order to raise money for their team. Dan, my dad, Skip, and our friend Chris played in the tournament. They did not win, but had a good time playing. There was also a two day soccer tournament, so we had lots of outside time in the 100 degree weather. Connor played great, such an athlete - but would we expect anything less of my brother's kid?
Cole did pretty good considering the heat and the fact that he couldn't run out on the field whenever he wanted to. We took shifts in tracking him as he roamed around looking for "treasures". I did pretty good too, except for forgetting to put sunscreen on myself :)
Overall, we had a great time and of course I couldn't be more happy when I get to spend time with my family.

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