Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

So technically, this is Dan's 2nd Father's Day...but last year Cole was six weeks old and I was the mommy of a six week old baby. Honestly, I don't even remember how we celebrated. I think that was about when pure exhaustion had set in. But this Father's Day was great (actually the entire weekend). Friday night we went to a hotdog social at my new school and met some of the new teachers, parents, and kids. Cole LOVES hotdogs and he had fun running around the gym chasing basketballs. Dan brought him home and got him ready for bed while I finished up the event. When I got home Dan took off for poker with some friends.
Saturday was very busy too. We took Cole to the Austin Children's Museum. I wasn't sure if there would be things there for him to enjoy, but he loved it. They had a play area with things to explore for kiddos under two and a building area with trucks and tractors that he kept running into without us. He loved the big green slide too. It was funny because several older kids would climb up the ramp and look down the tunnel and then go back down the ramp...not Cole. He would go down the slide and then try to climb back up it until we taught him where to go. He is a little daredevilish - no fear yet. He took a header off of his little recliner the other day as he was playing "incorrectly" in it - scared the crud out of me. He cried pretty hard and hasn't done that again - so maybe he has some sense of fear if it hurts too bad. After the museum we went to lunch and then home for a nap (all of us).
Tricia, our neighbor, organized a Father's Day potluck on Saturday night. We all brought sides and our own meat. We also had a little kiddie pool set up in the neighbor's backyard. Again, I am happy that my son loves water, but it makes this old mommy a little scared sometimes. He played and then crashed early for the night.
Sunday all Dan wanted to do was stay at home, which was perfectly fine with me. We spent the day doing a whole lot of nothing - well Cole destroyed the house to say the least. So I am off to pick up the living room/play room for the 100th time today.
And I know I am a bit bias...but Happy Father's Day to the best Daddy (Cole's Daddy) and best Dad (my Dad) I know. They cannot possibly come any better than what I have been blessed with in my life!

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