Monday, May 17, 2010

And YET...Another BUSY Weekend!

My handsome hubby! I would turn my back for a second and Cole was climbing (and then face planting) onto something. He loved the gigantic ball!
Giving the baby in the mirror kisses. He kept looking around the outside to "find" the baby.
Didn't sit still for a second.
Helping Daddy!
When I say I am taking the months of June/July off...I mean it. We plan on doing a whole lot of least nothing for our family - probably still more than most.
Saturday, my hubby graduated from Texas State with his MBA. I was very proud. When they announced his name I got very choked up and tears started to fall...until he did the "raise the roof" signal as he crossed the stage and then I slid down into my bleacher chair in embarrassment. I was alone in the stands and nobody had to know that he was mine, but I guess by my reaction the guy next to me said, "Is he with you?"...I smiled and said, "Yes, sir...All mine."
Later that day we went to our friend's birthday party/housewarming party. We couldn't stay long because of our little tired boy. We decided to leave when he tried to climb into the dog water bowl...for the fifth time. Did I mention he loves water???
Sunday I woke up at 6:30am and went to the grocery store for the week, came home and got Cole and I ready for 2 year old birthday party number one. It was at Little say that Cole enjoyed it, does not quite describe how he felt. He was running all over the place and OLD, OUT OF SHAPE MOMMY was chasing after him. He is so active and so strong. I would hate to be the boy that picks on him when he realizes how strong he truly is. We played for a while and went home to eat lunch and take a nap...well that was the plan. When we got home Cole was wired. He threw his lunch on the floor, so I put him down for a nap and he just yelled at us the entire time to come and get him. So I caved and let him play instead. He helped his Daddy fix something in the living room - he was trying to climb the ladder of course.
Then on to 2 year old party number two at Gymboree. Cole played and played again. He loved the kids and all of the fun things to climb. I realized that day, that I do not have a baby anymore. As he was climbing the soft mat stairs and sliding down the big slide, I wondered how he had become a little boy. We sang Happy Birthday and grabbed a snack for the road. He had a cheese puff in each hand as he fell asleep in the car on the way home...he was spent...and so was I. Did I mention OLD, OUT OF SHAPE MOMMY chasing him around (round #2)???
In between the 2 parties I made a batch of chicken salad, fruit salad, and yummy lemon-orange cake for 25 of my coworkers.
We are now getting ready for all of Dan's family coming in town Thursday afternoon, Dan's 40th Luau Party on Saturday, Memorial Day Weekend at the Lake, Staff Party at my house, and then one more trip to the lake over my birthday weekend.
I will say this again...We plan on taking the months of June/July off...period...end of story!

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