Friday, January 1, 2010

New Floors - YIPPEE!!!

Our living room with the new rug (I think the rugs cost more than the floors :)
What used to be our formal dining Cole's (and Dan's) playroom.
Our office with the new black shag rug!
Our kitchen (after the New Year's Party...not too messy huh?).
I have wanted hardwood floors in our house since the day we signed the papers, but other projects seemed more "important" at the time. After Cole was born and the formula, spit-up, and just baby "stuff" started to be a regular thing at our house...we committed to saving for new floors.
Dan was determined to install them himself. I never doubted his ability, just the time it would take and then living in a house with cement floors as he completed each room...not really my cup of tea. Dan decided to take 3 weeks off of work and do the install - I thought that was a good compromise, I could live in a mess for 3 weeks (I think?). He started talking to his Dad and he offered to come and help, then all of the sudden Chris, our brother-in-law, was coming with him.
The three of them worked so hard everyday. I would go to work and come home to a completed room. It was awesome. I did all of the putting back together and all of the major DUSTING (not sure if we will ever get rid of all of the tile demo dust). I also made sure they had good food for dinner, until they started in the kitchen and I didn't have an oven for a few days...but Rudy's and Pizza Hut worked for us on those nights.
Our floors are fabulous and Cole scoots around faster than ever. I am so lucky to have a handy husband (and family) that tolerates all of my house plans. We have one more big project in the house over the next month or so and I think we are done for a while. I know "things" do not make a home, but it is sure wonderful living in a place that you love to come home to at the end of the day.

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