Friday, January 1, 2010

And Yet...Another Month Older...

Eating apples and prunes...YUMMY! We often find him sleeping in this position when he first goes to bed (and yes...the flash woke him up...thanks Dad). Crawling in, out, under, over, and through EVERYTHING!
Cole is 8 months old this week...seriously...does it always go by this fast? Cole had a big month of firsts. In mid December, his two top teeth came in. The right one poked through first and the left one started to poke through not even a day later. He looks so cute when he smiles now - you can see all four of his teeth. Now that he has teeth and is able to pinch things better and better each day, we have started giving him more and more "real" food. While in Jackson Hole, he would hardly touch his baby food after he had pancakes, chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, rice and beans. He loves to sit in his highchair in the middle of our living room, eating Gerber puffs or veggie chips, while watching the Penguins of Madagascar. He plays, sings, does his dinosaur screeching, and laughs a lot. He is such a good boy.
In mid December he also started crawling. He had been scooching around a little for months...but I am talking full COMBAT crawl. I was in the kitchen cooking and all of the sudden I heard this boing, boing, boing noise and it was him playing with the little door stop by our pantry door. I turned and asked my mom if she moved him there and she said NOPE! It has been nonstop movement should see how fast he goes on wood floors :) He has started to get up on all fours and rock, but he doesn't move. I never crawled on all fours, I just did the whole combat crawl thing until I walked (at 9 months)...maybe he will be the same - although I am hoping he isn't a super early walker like I was...
We didn't have a doctor's appointment this month, but we don't think he has gained much weight due to the moving around. He is a lot longer though - the 18 month clothes are now actually fitting him in both height and weight - they were soooooo long when we had to move him into the 18 month clothes because of his little belly, but not so much anymore.
He waves bye-bye and plays patty-cake when he wants to and he smiles and laughs ALL of the time. He is an easy baby to make smile and laugh. He loves it when his mommy and daddy read him books at bedtime and he still loves to be rocked to sleep. He sleeps from 7pm to 6am - not bad huh? We wish he would sleep just a bit later, especially on the weekends, but we can't complain. He wakes up, drinks a bottle, and then wants to go back to sleep. His new thing is going back to sleep with us in our bed for a while (or in his GaGa and PaPa's bed).
We celebrated Cole's first Christmas, he played in snow, he saw Old Faithful, and took 2 plane rides. A lot of things that grown people never get to do and he is a whopping 8 months old. I look forward to another month of firsts and an even better year with my boys. I am blessed.

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