Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Yesterday Dan and I attended the memorial service of our friend's twelve year old daughter..if that doesn't put your life in perspective, I don't know what ever could. It was so touching, so sad to hear her middle school friends pay tribute to Shaylah. It was so tough to listen to her 3rd grade teacher talk of her former student, how so many students enter our lives each year and how sometimes we have to let them go - whether we want to or not.
Billy, Shaylah's dad, wrote a poem for his sweet girl and read it at her about tears...
I wanted to share it:
We cannot see you,
But we know you are here.
We cannot hold you,
Yet we hold you so dear.
You are our baby,
And always will be.
Now also an angel,
With your spirit set free.
There are no words
To describe how we feel.
How can this be?
Is it true? Is it real?
In our hearts and in our mind,
You will forever remain.
Rest in peace, we love you.
Shaylah Noel Dame.
Not that everything is about ME :), and what I have experienced, but when something like this does happen - it is only human to relate it to your own life. I think Billy took my thoughts and put them to words about our little girl that we lost almost 2 years ago...made me think of Brynn, made me kiss Cole, made me hold my husband's hand just a little longer last night.

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