Friday, January 1, 2010

Another Year!

Lately I have thought many times..."How in the world did I get to be 36 years old?" I look at pictures and I think I look old and tired...and I see lots of new wrinkles every single day.
Each wrinkle on my face has a story, some are from laughing and some are from crying. I have experienced things in my life that I never could have imagined - most good, but not all.
This past year I mourned the loss of our daughter as I was pregnant with my son. I had so many mixed emotions, I sometimes wonder how we made it through the year. But I am stronger because of it all. I appreciate everything so much more. I am sure that I do not love my son anymore than any of my friends love their children, but I will do everything I possibly can to give my son the life he deserves to live. I will give him every ounce of everything I have until I can't give anymore...because I am his mom!
I have read this quote several times over the past few days...
I hope your best day of 2009 is your worst day of 2010...or something like that.
I wish all of you a blessed 2010.

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