Saturday, November 28, 2009

Seven Months and Counting

Cole turned 7 months old today...and yes...I can't believe another month has gone by. He is such a good boy - I know we are a bit bias, being his parents and all, but Dan and I truly believe that we have the best little boy. He is such a smiley boy - he even smiles at me as I rock him to sleep. I try not to "engage" so he will fall asleep, but it is soooooo hard. I usually just close my eyes and rest my chin on his little head so he can't make me giggle. Nothing better than snuggling with a sleepy baby.
Cole is eating like a champ. He loves all of his fruits and veggies, and the occasional lick of our food. He is fascinated with our food and drinks - when we eat he just grabs and grabs and anything and everything...including Daddy's beer. He still despises peas, but he loves everything else so far. He tried mango this week, not quite sure at first, but now he is eating it without hesitation.
He is such a good sleeper too. Cole goes to sleep around 7:00pm and doesn't wake up until about 6:30am. He sometimes tries to play at 5:15ish, he talks to me in the video monitor for about 10 minutes and then goes back to sleep. It is so hard to not go and get him, but I know his routine now and he still is a sleepy boy and needs a little more sleep. Some mornings he wakes up before I leave for work and I get a few extra minutes with him. It is funny, when I go and pick him up from his crib, even in the complete dark, he grabs for my necklaces. He keeps feeling for them even when I, don't have one on.
I had to break down and move him to the big bathtub. I should have moved him months ago, but I wasn't sure how he would like it. He has always loved bath time, since his very first bath, and I didn't want this to change. He LOVES the big bathtub. He lays on his belly and kicks his feet like he is swimming. His Nana (Dan's mom) bought him some fun bathtub toys for Christmas and he loves them. He has to take one with him as we dress him in his pajamas. I know we will sign him up for swim safety lessons next summer. He plays and plays until we take him out of the tub.
Cole is sitting up on his own now, for really long periods of time before reaching for something and tumbling onto his side or tummy - he sits and plays with his little karaoke stage (it is a mirror with a music, a microphone, and flashing lights - only fitting since Dan and I met singing karaoke). He also has a little basketball goal that cheers when he makes a basket. He is starting to clap (with a little help), but cheers "yay" when anyone claps their hands. He is also starting to give kisses. He grabs your cheeks with both of his little hands and puts his mouth against your mouth. He is not exactly puckering up, but it still is the sweetest thing ever.
He is also totally fascinated with his dogs, Allie and Brady. He scooches over to the baby gate and talks to them. He is even grabs the railing and tries to pull himself up to get to them. They tolerate him so far...even letting him do the whole - bang, bang, bang on their heads.
It is such an exciting time of the year, celebrating the upcoming holidays and all. I am so thankful that I get to share all of my family traditions with my son this year.

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