Friday, November 6, 2009

Six Whole Months

I know I say this every month, but it is so hard for me to believe that Cole has been in our lives for six whole months. Our lives have changed so much, but so much for the better. Dan and I talk quite often about how lucky we are to have such a happy, social, sweet little boy.
Cole is now 23lbs 9oz and 28 1/2 inches long. He is starting to wear 18 month clothes and size 4 diapers. I KNOW...we have a big boy. He is in the 97 percentile in height and weight. Cole is way bigger than all of his friends. I think he will slow down here as he starts to move around more, but if he is already the size of an average one year old at six months...I can't imagine him in May. Needless to say, I think he will be the kid in the center top row of the class picture (just like his mommy and daddy were).
Cole is definitely becoming his own little man already. He talks a lot and has started making lots of new silly noises. He imitates our sounds a lot and often sticks his tongue out at us and spits...I am hoping this is not a sign of things to come. I am really trying to get him to start the mmmm sound of mommy, but he just laughs at me. I am sure his first word will be da da :)
Our sweet boy is rolling all over the place. I put him on his blanket in the living room - with tons of toys and before I turn around he has rolled 3 times and is under the coffee table - and not exactly happy to be there. He is also reaching for the toy that he wants and then scooching to it. He has started putting his butt way up in the air, like a worm, and moving towards whatever he wants to get. He is trying really hard to sit up on his own, but he can only sit for a few seconds without our help - usually because he starts reaching for something and falls over. Tonight he started leaning forward really far as he sat up and then lunged to his belly to scooch...maybe the first signs of trying to crawl - well it kind of looked that way to us.
My kid is definitely a fruit lover. We tried all of the veggies - squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, and peas - has hated peas so far...he gags and throws a mild "tantrum" if you try to make him eat peas. He loved everything else until I started introducing fruits. He loves fresh banana, apples, peaches, pears, prunes, and even plums. He has a little rash on his cheeks from the plums right now, but nothing to unusual. I have to trick him into eating many of the veggies now, because he wants his fruits. Oh well, better than french fries right? We just started giving him a little water out of a sippy cup too. He has figured out how to get it out, he drinks a bit, then plays with the cup. He had a blast banging and chewing on the cup tonight after dinner.
My little boy has 2 bottom teeth now. He got his first tooth at 5 months 1 week and his next tooth the very next week. He wasn't a very happy boy with both coming in at the same time. I think he might be getting ready for his top ones now, but Dr. Millar said his top gums didn't look too swollen yet.
Cole is sleeping in his own bed, in his own room...and mommy has slowly made her way out of the room next to monitors rock by the way. I also moved the monitor to Dan's side of the bed so I would stop waking up all night long to check on him. He goes to bed around 7pm and wakes up around 6:30 every morning (99% of the time - he had a rough week last week, but now is back on track). He starts off in the center of the bed, on his back - but NEVER ends up that way. He twirls around and around and then ends up on his tummy sometime in the early hours. He seems to like to sleep on his side the best (like me). I am not usually home when he wakes up in the morning, but Dan sends me pics and video of him almost every single day - singing and playing. He wakes up happy and HUNGRY!
Like I said, it is hard for me to believe our son is six whole months - it has gone by so quickly. I am sure I will say that every month - times flies when you are having fun...

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