Thursday, June 30, 2011

NaNa and PopPop Come to Texas

Dan's Mom and Dad came for a visit this past week.  They have 5 grandchildren - all boys except this last little bundle of sweetness.  When they walked in the front door, Cole recognized them from the computer (Dan Skypes with them every few weeks).  We got so busy, the camera didn't come out too much during the trip...but we did manage to capture a few shots while they were here.
 Pretty Girl waiting for NaNa and PopPop.
 Talking to NaNa.
 Blake was spoiled while they were here...I don't think she was ever put down :)
 Our attempt...Cole wouldn't take a picture, so somehow I was forced to smile too!
 Trying to be a big girl.
Blake and her grandparents from PA.

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