Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Family Visit

Andrea and Chris (Dan's sister and her hubby) came down for a visit in mid-June.  At the last minute, Dan was able to get the entire time off from his work, so we headed to the lake for the week.  We did a whole lot of nothing except swim, play on the wave runners, swim, take a boat ride, swim...there might have been just a few adult beverages involved too.  It was nice to see them and I was glad they were able to meet Miss B and get a small dose of Cole (he was in rare naughty form most of their trip).  They are already planning their next visit (around hunting season and a trip to Canton).

 All this fun makes a girl sleepy...nap time with Aunt Andrea.
 Boys will be Boys!
 Cole was feeding the fish off of the dock...that is Mr. Whiskers
(my niece/nephew named him that years ago).
 Cole's first ride...he loved it!
Not bad huh?
 Cole followed Uncle Tisss everywhere.
A leisure stroll on the lake :)

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