Sunday, December 18, 2011

EIGHT Months And Counting!!!

Our sweet Blakelee is EIGHT months old today.  These past few months have gone by in a blur - we have moved and I have resigned my postition to be a temporary Stay At Home Mom while I am on the hunt for a job.  Blake is as sweet as ever.  She is a good sleeper, good eater, and loves to bother her brother as much as possible.  She is combat crawling all over the place, but not on all  fours...she gets up on all fours, rocks, and then launches herself onto the floor to combat crawl.  She finally has TWO bottom teeth.  They came in two days apart (just like her brother, but 2 months later).

Blake likes to:
Sing, laugh, eat EVERYTHING (including "real" food like - pancakes, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, biscuits, and even a french fry or two), play music on her mini-piano or karaoke "machine", sit in her highchair and eat puffs and melts, chase the dog, chase her brother, fake cough, pull my hair, play with her babies, and read her books.

AND SHE STILL LOVES BIG BOWS..O.K, not really...she is now pulling them off when she can!
And her photo shoots are not so easy any more either!

She dropped herself down on the floor!

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