Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve

Our family decided to celebrate Christmas a day early this year (we usually open all gifts on Christmas Eve) so my dad, brother, and nephew could go to the ranch and hunt one last time in 2011.  We started the day off at the movies - Chipmunks - Chipwrecked.  Cole loved it!  He yelled, "Alvin" the entire time and danced when the Chipmunks sang.  Blake went too!  I would not usually take an 8 month old to a movie, but all adults were there ready to help if she had a meltdown :)  However, she did not.  She was probably the best behaved kid in the theater.  She ate puffs, sang, drank a bottle, and watched the movie.  We were all pleasantly surprised for sure.  After the movie we went to BABE'S and ate dinner then headed home because Santa Clause came to visit.  Cole really got into unwrapping the gifts.  We wrapped all of his in green CARS paper, so he figured out to find his paper and then tear into it.  He would look at what he got and then ask me to open it.  When I told him that we would open the boxes when we were all done, he started unwrapping the gifts, looking at them, shaking them, and then tossing them into his big pile...hilarious!  He now tells everyone that, "Santa brings presents."  Blake was pretty worn out from the day and way more interested in eating the paper than playing with her toys.

Dan and I stayed at the lake house instead of going to the ranch.  The kids are both taking naps and we are attempting to clean up the living room!

BBQ Grill to cookout with Daddy and PaPa.
Scooter with a helmet :0
Princess Cozy Coupe
Fluffy, soft pink chair (has an ottoman too).
IPAD for toddlers!
 Paper Eater!
Loved ripping the paper off of the presents from Santa!
Hallie showing Cole how to drive his new Ford F150!
She took him to see the neighbor's lights.
Loves his new truck!
Now we have to teach him to drive.
Only Connor would enjoy the truck box with Blake's chair???
Learning to ride his scooter with his new dino shirt and dino light up shoes.
He was so excited about his shoes he had to wear them to bed. 
We all slept in the same room last night because we had a full house - in the middle of the night I would see his shoes light up as he would roll over or kick his blankets off.
Marshmallow gun...Daddy and Cole shot Mommy in the neck...thanks Nana :)

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