Thursday, August 11, 2011

Potty 101

 Once he put the CARS underwear on, he had to go and get his Matchbox Cars.
I LOVE the little bootie crack hanging out...such a boy!!!

I am not pushing the whole potty thing with Cole - he is a boy, a boy with a May birthday (can you tell I am an educator).  However, he is becoming VERY interested in the potty as of late.  He likes the whole flushing thing and he likes to wash his hands.  I bought him a little chair potty and he just carried it around and sat on it in front of the TV.  Last week I bought him a CARS little seat to put on the big potty.  Without prompting, he has asked to "Sit onda pahtee" every single morning.  He doesn't do anything while he is on there, but I make a big deal, do a little dance, give some high fives, and he gets two whole fruit snacks :)  Tonight I bought him some CARS boxer briefs and he had his shorts and diaper off in about 2 seconds when I showed them to him.  He wore them around the house for about an hour and a half tonight with no accidents.  I took them off before we pressed our luck.  So we are NOT pushing the whole potty thing, but letting him slowly warm up to the idea of it!!!

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