Sunday, August 21, 2011

FOUR Months And Counting!!!

Our sweet Blakelee is 4 months old.  She is such a calm, sweet, content little girl.  She is in 9 month clothes now - weighing a whopping 17.6 oz and "standing" 26 1/2 inches long.  She is the same length Cole was at this age, but about 1 1/2 pounds less than he was...yet still in the 97+% in both :)  She still has some blue in her eyes, but they are turning a bit - sometimes I even see some green like mommy's eyes.  On average she sleeps from 7pm-5am every single night - I am LOVING that.  Even when she wakes up at 5am to eat, she goes back to sleep until I wake her up to go to Ms. Debra's house.  She wakes up happy and even smiles with her eyes closed because the lights are too bright.
Blake likes to:
Play in her saucer, roll over both ways (when she feels like it), swing in her swing, play with toys like rattles and things that make music, talk and sing ALL of the time, giggle out loud, watch her brother do EVERYTHING, have tummy time (for short amounts of time), sit in her Bumbo still, suck her thumb (you can see her war wounds from missing her mouth, even though I trim her nails twice a week), and eat rice cereal.

And she STILL loves BIG BOWS (this time no tears during our pictures)!

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