Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Early Christmas

Maybe we were cheating just a bit... Cole was super excited about his new basketball hoop.
The new Shrek movie of course!
Toy Story Memory. We played the "19 month old" version tonight and he did really well.
Catching butterflies from the Elefun game.
I thought this was funny - we have the same expression on our faces :)
Stocking Time...a new musical toothbrush...that annoyed Dan and I after about 2 minutes.
Christmas Peeps!
Eating the Christmas loot - don't worry, he ate dinner too!
A sweaty little boy with lots of Christmas candy all over his face...
still totally kissable in my opinion.
We decided to have an early Christmas at our house tonight. We are heading to the lake and then spending Christmas Eve at the Gaylord Texan, so Dan and I decided to let Cole open our presents tonight. We just bought him a few things that we thought he might enjoy. When he walked in the door and saw the basketball hoop, he made a mad dash to it - screaming in delight the entire way. It was fun watching him actually enjoy his gifts as we opened them tonight. Another wonderful night with my boys - and my girl - she was kicking all over the place when Cole was playing with his new toys. She moves a lot when she hears Cole...I hope that excitement continues, along with all of these wonderful memories.

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