Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dreaming of a White...Thanksgiving???

What is that Daddy? Cole ran to the door and said, "Door" over and over, which means let me outside you silly people in Cole we did...for a few minutes.
This is how it looked when it was finished snowing on Thanksgiving morning. It didn't last long, but it was neat to see.
Cole wearing his dressy clothes to dinner - that he didn't eat because every single time he walked by someone, they gave him a cookie.
Watching cartoons with PopPop...great way to end the night.
We spent the Thanksgiving Holidays in Philadelphia this year. It is always strange being away from your own family and family traditions during the holiday season, but I know it was VERY important to my husband to take Cole to his home town and spend a little time with his family. So much so that Dan took Cole by himself for the first few days - an active 18 month old on a flight with no mommy help...brave man. I was VERY proud of him and VERY thankful that Cole was a model passenger.
Now...almost time for Christmas present shopping for Cole and baby girl everything shopping for is that possible?

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