Saturday, September 11, 2010

Drivin' Through

Feeding a giraffe...big smile the entire time. My dad opened the sun roof for this guy to come on in.
Waiting his turn.
Seriously...come on in!
Watching the deer by the car.
One of his many attempts to escape.
Driving with PaPa.
Today we took Cole to a drive through zoo near my parents' house. It is called Fossil Rim - we drive by it every single time we go to and from the lake and have always wanted to stop. The animals were everywhere even though it was over ninety degrees. Cole loved watching the animals and even started saying, "Deer" and "Zebra" by the end of the day. Well worth the money for sure! He loved it and I loved being part of another first for Cole. I don't know many 16 month olds that have fed a giraffe from their car :)

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