Thursday, July 15, 2010

Where Has The Time Gone???

Dan and I celebrate four years of marriage tomorrow - it is completely unreal to me - four years have flown by so quickly. What makes our relationship a good one - well I like to think it is because we are truly a team. We raise our son together, we make our house a home together, we save our money and stick to our budget together (haha, those of you that know ME are laughing about now). I come up with the ideas and Dan implements them - it works well. I think another reason things work is because we are honest about our relationship. We tell it like it is...WE don't claim to have a flawless marriage, we don't claim to agree on everything, we don't walk around talking about how much we like each other and that we are each other's best friend - well, because we are not. In fact I am sure there are MANY days when we don't like each other much, but the love is ALWAYS there and we work through the days where the like is missing.
Dan, we have been through things together that I never imagined would be part of our history. Trips to the Bahamas, Jackson Hole, the lessons of Poker and how I absolutely hate you when you beat me (especially if it is on the river or you bluff me out of a big pot)...A lot more wrinkles and definitely a few more pounds. We have been together during the loss of both of my grandfathers, the loss of my 15 year old sweet Lexi, the death of our daughter, the birth of our son. You are my rock. I can't imagine taking this journey with anyone but you.
Happy Anniversary!
I love you.

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