Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cole's New BFF

Luckily, we moved into another awesome neighborhood.  Right across the street lives Cole's new BFF, Connor.  Cole is about 5 months older than him, but they are in the same class at preschool.  They will also eventually be in the same "big kid school" (that is what Cole calls it), since Dan and I have already decided to "red shirt" Cole (May Birthday...Boy...need I say more to my educator friends).  Cole talks about Connor all of the time.  He calls him his Friend Connor because he has a Cousin Connor too.  It is funny, I will ask him if he wants to go play with Connor and he will say, "My Friend Connor or my Cousin Connor", so cute!

Connor's mommy and daddy went to the store, so Connor game over to play.  They are a riot.  Full of spit, fire, and LOTS of energy!  They actually play really well together and I swear they have their own language sometimes.

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