Tuesday, March 20, 2012

ELEVEN Months And Counting!!!

How has almost a year gone by so quickly - well completely uproot your family and move them to a strange city and time flies :)  Our sweet Blakey Bakes, as we like to call her, is eleven months old.  She started "school" this past month and is doing much better when Mommy leaves her for the day.  She is eating whatever we eat for dinner (her new favorite is blueberries) and using all sippy cups except for one night bottle right before she goes to bed.  She has four teeth on the top and only two on the bottom.  She even bit one of her school friends on the head the other day :(.  She is still sleeping from 7:00-7:00 and taking two naps.  However at school she is taking one on most days.  She is too much of a busy body to sleep and everyone is on a different schedule in the room she is in now.  She will move up to the next room after her first birthday.  Blake is NOT walking, however she pulls up on everything and cruises along the furniture (she just really started doing this).  She is VERY curious and VERY mischievous sometimes.  She will look to see if I am watching and then do something she knows she should not do.  When I tell her no, she "runs" from me smiling the entire time...little stinker!

Blake likes to:
Play outside, play in the water (water table, dog water, bath tub, it doesn't matter), steal her brother's snacks and eat them before he realizes they are gone, sing, dance, crawl up the stairs before Mommy/Daddy can catch her, read books, play with her toys in her playroom, suck her thumb when she is tired, play with her brother's trains and anything else he doesn't want her to have.


OK..maybe she only likes them if they are off of her head.

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