Saturday, February 18, 2012

TEN Months And Counting!!!

Sweet Baby Girl is ten months old.  Almost a year old...that is sooooo crazy!  She now has two top teeth in addition to her to bottom teeth.  She refuses to eat ANY baby food since getting a taste of the "real" stuff.  She pretty much eats whatever we cook for dinner or what we give Cole for breakfast and/or lunch.  She loves her sippy cup.  She drinks about 3-4 bottles a day...but we are going to start putting her morning bottle in a sippy cup to slowly transition her to NO bottles.  The fun part of Blake is watching her try to keep up with her brother.  This week she has started fighting back.  When Cole was "wrestling" with us, she started pushing him and yelling at him.  I don't think she is going to be a pushover to say the least.

Blake likes to:

Take a bath every single night, pull-up on everything, crawl really fast when she sees something she wants, search the floor for anything to put in her mouth, play with her stuffed animals, watch the dogs out of the window, clap her hands (sometimes), and dance (when she is on her knees and I sing, "Dance, Dance, Dance".

That look scares me a bit :)

My helper :)

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