Monday, January 23, 2012

NINE Months And Counting!!!

Little Miss Priss is Nine Months Old!  She is just an absolute dream.  We thought Cole was a really good baby, but Blake is just the sweetest, happiest little girl.  She is such a perfect addition to our family!  She is still a fabulous sleeper - I even have her on a great nap schedule now.  She sleeps from 7pm to 6:30am each night without waking and she takes a two hour nap in the morning and about an hour and a half nap in the afternoon.  She is VERY determined to do what her brother does...or at least get what he has - which creates lots of "drama" in the house.  She is crawling on her knees now (she was a combat crawler for a while).  She also is pulling up on everything, chairs, doors, your legs, Cole's big toys...whatever is near and she can get too.

Blake likes to:
Listen to ANY type of music, watch Mickey Mouse Club with her brother in the morning, eat "real" food like pancakes, waffles, tortillas, peas, pasta, chicken, just about anything we give her in small bites, talk to the dogs at the back window, talk, talk, talk (mostly dadadadada), drink from her sippy cup (or Cole's if he leaves it in her reach), and go in the car for little trips (she is a good car rider so far).

AND SHE STILL LOVES BIG fact she lowered herself to the floor (with my guiding hand) to get a different bow...see I told you!

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