Sunday, November 13, 2011

SEVEN Months And Counting!!!

Please oh please stop this fast train...I can't believe B is seven months old.  This month has just flown by - she is over 21 pounds now and had her first bout of sickness (a really bad cold that ended up in her chest).  She was NOT her happy self last week, thank goodness she is 100% again!  She is about to move into 18 month clothes...but not quite yet.  STILL NO TEETH.  I can see the bud of one on her bottom left side, but it just will not break through.  I try to rub it, but she wants nothing to do with that.  When she was really congested, she was having a hard time sucking her thumb, so she started rubbing her own hair, and now mine.  When I hold her and she is really tired, she sucks her thumb and pulls on the hair on my left is so sweet.  She is sleeping from 6:45pm until I wake her at 5:45am to get ready for the day.  We are starting her on a more regular nap schedule during the day and it is working like a champ.  She is taking a morning and afternoon nap - both about hour and half.  She sometimes needs a late cat nap around 4:30, so she will sleep for a bit on the car ride home from Debra's. She still wakes up happy and she still is very talkative.  She loves all of her veggies and fruits so fact, most days she will ditch the bottle in order to eat her solids.

Blake likes to:
Sing, clap her hands on your hands, play with her toys, roll and scootch all over the place, annoy her brother by trying to eat his toes or pull his hair, play in her saucer and jump even though it is not a jumpy, brush her teeth with her new toothbrush (her favorite toy as of late), and sit up and play with her big bead box. 

AND she still LOVES BIG BOWS!!!

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