Monday, July 11, 2011

A Date With Cole

Dan and I decided Cole needed a little special time with his Mommy and Daddy (with no Sissy), so we took him to the Grapevine Mills Mall...not exactly fun for a two year old you would think huh?  This mall is an awesome place for kids.  We first went to the Lego Discovery Center, then took a train ride through the mall, next was lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe, then a treat from the HUGE candy store, and finally we picked out a special friend from the Build A Bear Store.  NOW...a long nap.  We had a great day and Cole was such a good boy today.  We will go back for sure, we only were able to do about half of the fun things at the mall today.

 This is how he rolls...
 Laser show on the floor that changed when you "danced" on it.
 Learning how Legos are made.
 Goofy boy!
 Miniature DFW area...Cole LOVED it and probably would have stayed here looking at all of the things all day long.
 Duplo play area for little kids.
 Racing Lego cars with Daddy.
 Stealing someone else's Lego car.
 Train Ride with Mommy.
 Looking at all of the stores and people in the mall.
 Watching a mini-helicopter fly around the mall...Daddy decided he needed one to play with at home.
 His little Monkey was eating lunch too!
 "Dog" was getting stuffed.  Cole chose the dog over all of the other animals.
 Kisses when he was finally ready.
Monkey juice and messy face on the way home (he was watching Tangled in the car).

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