Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Pink, Pink, Pink Sprinkle

My wonderful office staff...and me - the tall, puffy, swollen girl in the back :0 Probably the cutest thing tiny! The start of all of her pink things! Super cute, even more yummy cake!
My wonderful office staff hosted a Baby Sprinkle for Blake today. She received so many cute outfits, hair bows, diapers, and wipes. I just unpacked everything so Dan can see all of her sweet things when he comes home tonight. I think he is starting to be OK with all of the pink :)
There was a quote on one of her new little outfits (from my first grade team) that said, "I hope that my little girl is a better version of me." A perfectly perfect statement in my opinion.
I love that I spend most of my day with such wonderful, caring people. I am blessed beyond measure!

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