Saturday, October 23, 2010

Carnival Time With MY Boys!

Such a happy boy! Pure Joy!
Cole was suppose to kick the ball in the net, but he didn't quite understand, so he just threw the balls in the they gave him a prize :)
I had to carry him away so he didn't pick more than one lollipop.
Liked splashing the water most!
Our NO FEAR son climbed up a playscape and slid down the 10 foot swirly slide on his own.
Dinosaur Dig...he tried to climb in the sandbox!
Was more interested in the fish cut-outs than doing the actually fishing.
Today was our first RES carnival - lots of fun, lots of kids, lots of tired adults (especially me). I went early to help set up and Dan brought Cole around 10:00. My boys and I played until about 11:00, then ate lunch (Cole's lunch pretty much consisted of chips dipped in ketchup, not worth the battle today). After lunch they headed home where Cole preceded to take a 2 1/2 hour nap. Thank goodness for a good sleeper! I came home around 4:00 and we played some more. We even ended the day with some snuggling on the couch. Love my, love, love my boys! It certainly would be OK with me if we had some more testosterone in the Walker household - we shall see!

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